A Psychological Hand Shake

It was a dreary and bland day on the college campus. All the hustle and bustle of students rushing to be registered became quite an enjoyable spectacle for me seen as I had already been registered the previous day. You might ask, “If you were already registered, why did you go the to campus when you could be home and relax?” Well the answer is simple; I just felt that I should be there that day. There was something special about to happen and I just did not know what it was just yet.

While roaming the grounds by myself, I bucked up into a friend and we started conversing about how the day was progressing for the both of us and how far along we were with all of the processes for the next semester. I had told him that I just felt the need to be there that day and really had no true purpose for that feeling. He laughed at me, not in a condescending way but in a joking fashion.

We deciding that we should go to the gym for a quick snack but upon arriving there I decided not to go inside but to sit on the bleachers and enjoy the tranquil sunlight.

And then it happened, he showed up, the reason I HAD to come to campus that day.

There was this frat that dominated the college campus and there were a group of the “brothers” there just roaming around, I guess looking for new prospects. But there was the one guy; he was different from the rest of them. He was less arrogant and more refined. It was partially because of his charmingly boyish good looks but it was also because the inner confidence was exuded from his person. He walked with a “bop” and made me smirk. I never smirk. But I had to, he was captivating and I just wanted to basque in the fact that starring at him for that brief moment triggered all of my senses aware and unaware.

And then we made eye contact, I quickly switched my focus on the bleachers beneath me and while singing a song that I don’t even know, began to imaginary doodle on the seat. I felt his presence near me and it commanded EVRY hair on my body to stand at attention for the magnificent boy with the body of a demi-god.

I looked up and there he was in the front of me, his posy a little ways in the back of him. He then introduced himself as “Chazz” and put out his hand for a hand shake. I put out my hand in like fashion but to introduce myself was a struggle and for the first time, words struggled to leave my mouth. The hand shake was to firm yet captivating. It evicted power and a sense of “he knew who he was and he wanted me to know as well”. I was befuddled. Subsequently he flashed a smile and I could see that he had braces in and to me that was THE SEXIEST thing ever. A jock, that was cut, who wore braces and wore them so well that you would never have thought that you would be fascinated by such a thing. I melted.

The words finally escaped my lips, “I’m Davielle, nice to meet you”. He returned the courtesy and walked away. He walked away and didn’t look back. I noticed that he didn’t look back until he was further way and my glace caught his, and he smiled once more.

For the rest of the day I was in a euphoric state and it was just glorious. I thought to myself, “If more guys treated girls like that, both genders would be happy. And if it progressed to a relationship, they can always look back at the first time they meet, that psychological hand shake.”



It was the first day of December, it was about to happen,

the wedded bliss of two souls forever intertwined would be

recorded in the sands of time and in the minds and hearts

of the family and friends of the betrothed. As I sat in the pew,

the ancient chorals of the Rom-an Catholic choirs rained their

melodious voices upon me and the congregation and I began to feel it;

 the butterflies in my stomach like the last day of autumn,

 fluttering around the humid air over taking me for the couple

 if they did not feel it for themselves. And as the bridesmaids

walked up the meet the groomsmen there was this sweet aroma

 that filled the air of dew and honey suckles flowers that was

 incomparable to any thing that I have ever smelt before, it was love.

Loved filled the air like a think mist unlike any other.

 As I glanced over at the grooms face I saw a mask of peace

and serenity that engulfed him, he was ready for her, his better half,

 the love of his life. And as the trumpet sounded he stood up

preparing himself for what he was he was about to lay his eyes on,

his bride in all her glory. As he turned and took her hand his

 eyes sparkled not only from the growing tears that were

 welled up in eyes his but from the crystals that endowed her

gorgeous wedding gown. This was it the end of a single life an the

 beginning of a new life together as one, a entity that could not be destroyed…… To Be Continued

You know when to stop trying….. And Pray

You know I thought life as it were a huge puppet show. Someone pulling the strings from afar. Being the director calling all the shots,taking out anyone who was unworthy of a roll in the stage play we call life.

But a few months ago I embarkd on a journey to renew my mind. And I mean everything about the way my mind works I wanted to be rewired. Every circuit I wanted changed. I wanted to see the life I lived and the lives of others around me in a a more positive way. So I pulled myself away from mostly all contact with friends family and and began to reflect on who I was,and what my purpose in life actually was. Whilst this might seem very cliche to you. It helps.

I can tell you first hand that pulling yourself away from any situation so that you can see a distant view of the picture is the best thing to do especially when you are in the serious contemplative stages of your life.

To cut a tremendously long story short, with God’s guidance and a change in the way I thought, I slowly saw things in my life changing for the better. My grades, changed, the relationship with my family got stronger, I began a new life journey by starting university in China. I just became an over all happier perosn.

This is where I’m at now. and state of contentment. But I want more. I want to be at a constant state of joy. Joy that makes you seem crazy for smiling and walking into the eye of the storm because you know who you are and to whom you belong.

I can say that at 21, yes I want to be success and make my family proud but that is not my priority. I feel as a Christian my first responsiblity is to God and he makes all things fall into place without question. He give you a peace that is insurmountable and that you cant contain most times. This is what I want above all things to make Him smile.

Now I know that the humanly side of me is always raging war with my spiritual side and I begin to worry, “What if I’m too one tracked minded that i miss who God has for me?”, “What if I become lonely?”, “Is this the right track I’m on in  my life?” All of these are questions I battle with on a daily basis. But here’s the thing, worrying digust God. And this is what you and I have have to realize. God is omnipitent. Why worry when the birds eat but dont toil the ground. It is not our place to worry about the future. In the Bible it states verbatim, that if we claim that we are God’s own and the He is ours we must act accordly!

This this is where I am in my journey, I am learnig to act accordingly. This is a daily progression and “adventure” as I like to call it as the Bible says, “I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME!”

Be strengthened, find your peace in God and why worry when you can pray!

Boyfriend who?????

Our Bahamian, society or at least the younger generation of the population has an issue with superficial issues. Whether it be the love of money, food, clothes electronics and the opposite gender. We just love to love everything in excess! That is the judgment truth when it comes to the latter. Our young lads and lasses have been fixation on each other like the populous was near the brink of extinction. I know, I know, “In this day and age young people should be allowed to explore and find out who they are as a person”. While I myself stand apart of the ever growing statistic of young Bahamian people, there is a point where exploring goes borderline into lost of self pride and dignity.
A little story from my past will suffice in showing you the extent of this issue we have.
While in grade ten, I was still “green” as some might say in the areas of boys and everything that encompassed them. I was clueless. But on the other hand I had two “friends”, whose names shall not be mentioned for various reasons, were an experts in the field. At that time, we were both fifteen and eighteen but contrast in character for the most part. My two friends enjoyed the bliss of having boyfriends and when I say boyfriends and I mean BOYFRIENDZZZZZZ. The first on that was my age had three boyfriends at the time all of whom she proclaimed to love oh so dearly. I think she had one for every purpose or task she needed to be done. She even had a boyfriend with a CAR. Listen, that was really something when you were in high school and your significant other had a car. You were labeled as the holy grail of the badest of the bad. The other friend that was eighteen had her fixation set on bus drivers!!!!!!!!!! I had never in the life of me thought that would have a pair of friends like this and of course you know peer pressure was indeed evident in our friendship.
With all of their getting of men, I was feeling left out of the order. I thought to myself, “If I get a boyfriend, I wouldn’t feel so left out and be an extra wheel when we would go out to chill together.” There was a mutual friend that me and my “same aged” friend shared and be began “talking”. After a few weeks (two weeks, he wasted no time) we were officially dating or as said in Bahamian vernacular “goin’”. At the time, I was in Junior Achievement and we attend the ball together. That was the night I had my first kiss, it was just a peck because I wouldn’t allow more than that. The next morning I thought to myself, “why do I even like this boy, I’m only going to be wasting my time with him”. And that’s exactly what I did. It was two and a half (yessss 2 1/2 ) month of wasted life!!!!
Moral of the story don’t do things under peer pressure, you’ll never get full pleasure from it.

Any who, since then I never had a boyfriend and up to date I still don’t consider him one. I’ve had a few interest here and there but nothing much to serve any type of deep feeling until the right time comes I’m content to wait.

“Just because its convenient, doesn’t mean it’s right for you.”

Horrible Paint Job :/

I was inspired by the job my sister did of painting our room wall ,however, I thought that it was immensely bland and becoming a constant eye sore for me.Our shared room being pink, as we are girls, was decorated in armature vines and flowers of the sort and need that oh so delicate hand of a professional (or so I called myself) to give it a little pick-me-up. The reason I had to much confidence in myself to do a superb job was because I had taken the B.G.C.S.E in art and passed. So Here I am, thinking I’m on the level of one Picasso, and I started to paint. Hues of yellow, green, red and purple began to come together and have a euphoric feel (in my mind). And as I stood off and stared at my master piece from afar, I thought I was coming together quite well.

I decided to take a break and get something to eat for my famished stomach. I went out the room and came back after 30 minutes and look on the wall I was startled. The monstrosity that I had painted that was supported to be a butterfly scared me :s I jumped to far away from the wall to recognized my painting in the corner of my eyes and it sure wasn’t a work of art.
Better luck next time in me trying to reincarnate the work of Picasso on my room wall.